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Members Area

Welcome to the Synectica Members area.

Feel free to download demos of some of our range of software or make use of the online catenary solver software.

If you are a registered Wincat or SteelWork user please email us so that we can upgrade your membership so you have access to the full online support and update downloads.

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Members Area

You have to be a registered user to access the content in this area.

NB Cookies must be enabled to register and use the Member's Area.

Registering takes only a few minutes and can be done from here.

If you are already a registered user please proceed to logon here.

Benefits of Registration:

  • Download fully working, evaluation versions from our range of software.
  • Use the Synectica Forum for product support, information on our products or for discussion with other users.
  • Download the latest updates for our software.
  • Purchase and Register software online.
  • Use of the online Catenary Solver for calculating basic catenary properties:
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